Conversational Assistants

Natural language conversation is the most impactful form of interaction.

At Sngular's Data & Artificial Intelligence team we design chatbots able to communicate with users in natural language.


We build conversational assistants that resolve queries and perform simple and repetitive tasks. Our system, Corex, enables us to deploy chat or voice assistants on any channel and create solutions adapted to multiple scenarios.

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At Sngular we have developed Alfred, a chatbot that helps to perform administrative procedures, resolve queries, or promote your company culture.

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The conversational assistant you need

Conversational text assistants (chatbots)

Create a chatbot for your company and open a communication channel for your customers or employees on any instant messaging application. People use chats every day and they are suitable and effective for almost all audiences.                                                                                                                                                                                               

Conversational voice assistants (call centers)

Manage the calls your call center receives in a more agile way thanks to voice assistants. Provide quality assistance to as many customers as you need with a high rate of success. Give your voice assistant a unique personality to make the conversation richer and more natural when compared to typical answering machines.


Develop your skills for platforms like Alexa or Google Home and design conversational experiences that suit your business. People are increasingly used to using smart speakers on any device while traveling, performing tasks, or simply walking down the street.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

What are the benefits of using a conversational assistant?

We create content that responds to users' needs in a direct, understandable, and easy way. We study the brand identity to convey it through the personality and tone of the conversational assistant. Our conversation designers define the conversation flows to make interactions as natural as possible.


Companies know the market’s trends and which channels their target audiences prefer to use. Chatbots are the best way to optimize your time and resources around communication, on both internal and external channels that people use every day.


  • Resolving queries

    Answer questions in natural language on a wide variety of topics.

  • Connection with other applications

    Our system, Corex, enables you to connect any chatbot with third-party applications: geolocation, weather, CRM systems...

  • Platform integrations

    Chatbots can be integrated into instant messaging tools (Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram...), web platforms, or internal communication systems.

  • Customizable

    We design the personality of your conversational assistant based on your brand's identity and communication style.

  • Scalable

    Thanks to our technology, the functionalities and knowledge base of our assistants can be continuously expanded.

  • Different formats

    We create both text and voice conversational interfaces.

Hopper is just another colleague who helps us make our workday easier and tries to do his job better every day.

Javier Garrido Knowledge transformation leader at Mahou-San Miguel

How can we help each industry?

  • Human Resources


    Alfred is our assistant for HR departments.


    Employee onboarding.


    Assistance in daily procedures.


    Send communications to all employees.


    Create personal reminders and alerts.

  • Financial Services


    Resolution of general operational queries.


    Balance and transaction check.


    Simple operations.


    Office geolocation

  • Energy


    Information on rate plans.


    Escalation to sales agents.


    Customer service. Satisfaction.

  • Health


    Patient care.


    Information management according to a patient's pathology.


    Guide for simplifying complex processes.

  • Entertainment


    Branding and engagement for brands.


    Increased user activity.


    Improve storytelling and marketing.

  • Airlines

    Improved user experience in the last mile.


    Interaction with the user through conversational interfaces.


    Airport-hotel transfer management.

  • Call Centers


    Automated call answering during activity peaks.


    Natural language phone conversation.


    Automatic resolution of repetitive calls.


    Call categorization.


    Guide through different options.

Corex, our virtual assistant platform

Corex is the technological platform developed by SNGULAR to build virtual assistants. This technology enables us to create virtual assistants in shorter times and at lower costs.


This platform integrates seamlessly with NLU products such as Google's DialogFlow, Microsoft's LUIS, IBM's Watson, or Amazon's Alexa, as well as other channels such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Google Assistant, or Amazon Echo.

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