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Make better strategic decisions for your business thanks to Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Architecture

    Thanks to our expertise in Big Data projects, we are able to extract more value from your data and turn it into useful knowledge for your business. We identify and optimize all the necessary data sources to perform the extraction, analysis, and transformation of data.


    We study the centralization of data and enrich them through Artificial Intelligence processes. Also, we elaborate the necessary data flows aimed at covering all aspects of data’s life. All this without forgetting aspects such as information security, data quality, data governance and the generation of real-time alerts for business decision making.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Our team is able to analyze data sources, understand their context and build a complete pipeline for the extraction, optimization, and exploitation of information. By accessing historical data we develop Machine Learning models for detecting faults, time series prediction or recommendation systems, among others. Once the model is trained and validated, it can be offered and consulted through interactive solutions.


    We train our models with Python libraries such as Scikit-learn, Tensorflow or Pytorch. We also use a wide range of cloud services: AutoML from Google Cloud Platform, SageMaker and Personalize by Amazon or Clara by NVIDIA.

  • Data Visualization

    At SNGULAR we design reports and dashboards to facilitate data-driven decisions. We adapt our solutions to each client’s requirements, satisfying their needs and creating visualizations based on their users. 


    We study and create a customized data model and a dashboard to represent interactive panels, metrics, predictions and alerts to quickly detect any issue. We use visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Grafana or Data Studio, as well as Metabase, Qlik, Plotly and AWS: Quicksight.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables computers to interact with humans through language in text or voice format. Thanks to the advent of Transformers and the availability of different models trained with large corpora, this field has experienced great advances in the last few years.


    At SNGULAR we use these innovations in fields as diverse as natural language information retrieval, text classification or conversational agents able to answer open-ended questions in any domain.

  • Conversational Assistants

    We create custom Conversational Assistants (chatbots) able to guide users through natural language, answering frequently asked questions and solving everyday tasks through conversation. By automating the most common tasks and thanks to their 24/7 availability, conversational assistants improve user management and service capacity.


    The synergy between our linguists and our developers enables us to build fully scalable chat or voice assistants, each with its own knowledge base and conversation style that can be totally adapted to any brand.

  • Process Automation

    With RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology we automate tasks such as interface testing, sales processes and customer service. Thanks to this transversal technology, we can avoid bottlenecks by automating repetitive tasks without modifying a company's processes, reducing risk and human errors, with high scalability and enabling human resources to perform higher-value tasks.


    We are able to address process automation through a traditional approach with Robotic Process Automation, or through data-driven ones, such as transformation automation, OCR, and data pipelines.

  • Computer Vision

    Computer Vision enables computers to understand the content of images and videos. Driven by the latest advances in Deep Learning, it is key both in the process of acquiring and improving the quality of images and in the detection of objects in real time.


    We can carry out any inspection and maintenance tasks in an automated way, detecting defects and recognizing objects and people in spaces such as warehouses or supermarkets. Computer Vision also permits the use of facial recognition for access control or emotion recognition solutions. Whether by using pre-trained models or techniques such as transfer learning, we are able to work across the entire pipeline. In addition, we are proficient in AutoML tools and self-managed services like Amazon Rekognition.

  • Edge Computing

    The emerging area called Edge Computing results from the intersection between Internet of Things, 4G/5G and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to it, we are able to turn low-cost devices into intelligent ones: household appliances, streetlights, drones, cameras...


    At SNGULAR we train optimized models to be run on limited performance processors such as Raspberry, Jetson NANO or mobile operating systems. Once we obtain a model, the inference is performed on the final device, in which a learning model has already been loaded. Data remain on the device and no migrations are performed except on very specific occasions. Devices can be integrated with cloud services such as AWS Greengrass or Cloud IoT Core.

  • AI Garage

    At AI Garage, our team specialized in developing projects with rising technologies will guide you through the field of Artificial Intelligence from the beginning.


    From AI Garage we help you build demos, MVPs or proofs of concept that will enable you to prove the power of AI within your workflows. Together, we will give shape to your ideas, learn from the results and transform your business.


    In addition, if you want to explore Artificial Intelligence in its most disruptive form, we will help you study state-of-the-art technologies such as federated learning, generative neural networks (GANs) or automatic text generation with GPT3. Tell us what your challenge is and we will help you explore it.

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