Advanced Analytics

We analyze and learn from all types of data using Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Our goal is to understand business information from different data sources and obtain new insights that might not be accessible when using traditional reporting approaches.


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What are Advanced Analytics?

We build models based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms and apply them to scenarios such as predictionanomaly detection, or recommender systems. We work on the entire algorithmic spectrum: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Planning and Reasoning.


Trained models can be integrated into interactive solutions such as websites or dashboards, improving alert notification and business decision-making based on information.


  • Finding data trends

    Algorithms enable us to draw conclusions that help us understand reality.

  • Segmenting customers into interest groups

    Data helps us to know people and their interactions better.

  • Suggesting new products to specific audiences

    Based on available user data, we generate new audiences and improve the quality of recommended content.

  • Service anomaly detection

    Data analysis enables the generation of anomaly alerts before they occur.

  • Incident reduction

    Thanks to the knowledge provided by data and the ability to predict, we can improve the safety of infrastructures and individuals

  • Improve internal or external indicators (KPIs)

    Knowing how processes work and their performance permits us to measure and improve results.

How can we help each industry?

  • Financial Services

    Market prediction.


    Anomaly analysis. Fraud detection.


    Continuous improvement of KPIs.


    Loan granting analysis.


    Recommendation of new banking products.

  • Public Services

    Prediction of public transport occupancy.


    Impact of large events on urban centers.


    Analysis of user satisfaction with public services.


    Analysis and prediction of incidents.

  • Energy

    Service monitoring.


    Visit planning.


    Consumption-based rate plan recommendation.

  • Retail

    Analysis and prediction of in-store and online purchases. Trends.


    Optimization of stock and logistics chain.


    Competitor price analysis and prediction.


    Customized purchase advice.


    Cart abandonment analysis.

We work with data

We identify and analyze different data sources that can be integrated with new ones. Then, we preprocess, clean, transform and tag data according to each business scenario.


The learning process starts by elaborating the model, optimizing it, and deploying it in the cloud, on-premises, or as an interactive solution.


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